Häfele India training programmes are designed to meet basic, specific and intensive learning needs and can be divided into 2 broad categories :

1. Internal Trainings: These are conducted for Häfele’s new / existing employees in order to enhance their product knowledge and include trainings such as Induction Training, Associate Training, Refresher Training, New Product Training, Internal Train-the-Technician Training etc.

2. External Trainings: These are conducted for Häfele partners and include Franchisee Training, Franchisee Technician Training, OEM Training, Architect Training, Dealers Training, Distributor Training, External Product Training etc.

Induction Training

Induction Training is conducted to introduce our new employees to our company culture, values, procedures and basics about every product category as well as to equip them with a clear understanding of the functions and dynamics of the organization in order to help them effectively fit into their respective job roles.

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Associate Training

The Associate Training programme is divided into weekly sessions which are spread over 2 – 3 months. The programme provides in-depth knowledge of all Häfele products followed by a rigorous hands-on installation and technical training session to cover all aspects of learning.

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Refreshers Training

The Refresher training programme is conducted to help our existing employees recall and reinstate their previously acquired knowledge and skills with necessary updations and additions of new skills and knowledge wherever required. Through these trainings it is ensured that the participant’s existing product knowledge is monitored and queries related to key products are discussed and solved.

New Product Training

New product trainings are sessions planned for our sales and back office employees with an objective of providing special focus on the new products introduced, covering their feature-benefits and other technical details together with giving the participants a general overview of all Häfele products.

Internal Train-The-Technician Programme

The Internal train-the-technician programme is conducted for new as well as existing technicians in order to equip them with the necessary technical and installation skills that will in turn help them assist our customers effectively.

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