We, at Häfele, believe that our customers lie at the helm of our innovations – it’s their needs, expectations and feedback that constantly drive us to do different things and to do things differently. From the very beginning, Häfele has used its customer engagement experience to differentiate itself in the Indian Market as a ‘complete solution provider’.  This means that for us, service is not just an allied offering; but forms the very essence of our culture and stems through every action that we take. For us, service is not just a reaction; but a philosophy that forms the very basis of our business strategies and innovations. For us, service is not just about customer interaction; but about relationships that are built over years of keeping our promises and maintaining our commitments.

We bind these definitions of what Service means to us into our one-stop customer engagement Programme called “Häfele Care”. The Häfele Care Programme has been developed keeping the following commandments at its core:


 The Häfele Care App:

To provide complete access to our Customer engagement programme, we have now launched the Hafele Care App. As a first step, this App is focused on our Appliances category, providing you everything from raising service requests to seeing product catalogues and video demos of this range. So click on the following links to download your Hafele Care App and give us a chance to address all your needs effectively.