Furniture Lighting Design Services

Lighting an interior space has come a long way from using conventional general light solutions to much more evolved, sophisticated and customised lighting solutions. We find customers looking for a service which is hassle free and curated to bring out the specific functionality and design element needed for their interior spaces, both at the same time.

Loox, from Hafele is a pioneer name in the Furniture Lighting Industry. Loox Lights are engineered to deliver High Performance, Quality and Aesthetics, all at its core. Leveraging the technical and design expertise, Hafele Lighting Introduces one-of-its-kind, Lighting Design Services. It will let you choose and design an inspired interior space that will truly meet your lighting requirements.

The Lighting Design Service offers a Bespoke Design approach that ensures you have the right Lights for the right task or application. Our Team of Design experts curate a lighting solution that enhances and brings out true functionality of your living spaces. The Lighting Design software is simple and intuitive in capturing your lighting requirements. It then lets the design expert create a Lighting layout and a best possible solution for your interior space.

The Lighting Design Service follows a step wise approach to curate a Lighting BOQ (Bill of Quantities) in just a two-step process. Complete all the information which is required and upload a layout plan and elevation to get going…