Häfele 360° Project Service


It takes time to complete a new project and carry out the work that is subsequently required. You need an expert that will guide you through the process and help you meet all requirements without compromising on the integrity of your design. Häfele’s 360° Project Service represents a portfolio of services that can meet these needs.

Born from over 90 years’ industry experience, this innovative new service puts an expert project management team (DipGAI certified) at your disposal, so you can focus on what you do best. From planning and tendering to order processing and hand-over, we coordinate every facet of your project, including comprehensive scheduling, product and solution recommendations, quotation service and onsite support. This allows us to walk the length of the entire project duration by aiding and supporting you at every stage. The wide range of services means that you have a single contact for all phases of the project. You stay in control. We simply ensure your deadlines are met and decisions are implemented consistently to your specifications.

Globally, Häfele has created a strong international position as a “360° Project Management Partner” with independent International Project Sales Offices deployed in the U.S. (North America), Germany (Europe) and Singapore (Asia). These Sales set-ups are constantly in touch with renowned Architects, Designers and Project Consultants from across the world and have the technical competencies to handle major International projects.

This global technical competency along with an in-depth understanding of international market trends forms the basis of our holistic service approach in South Asia. We can execute the most abstract solutions in any interior space with a specialist range of products including electronic access control systems, automatic sliding door systems, innovative movable walls, contactless/ sensor-based furniture lighting and sanitary products as well as a vast collection of essential architectural/ furniture hardware among many.

The Häfele India 360° Project Service Team is distributed across different regions all over India and neighbouring countries (Srilanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Maldives) to aid you with any project requirements. If you require support or would like a personalized quotation, please contact our team by  Clicking here 

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Healthcare Projects

Products specified for health care institutions should help maintain a safe, convenient and secure environment. Häfele’s automatic sliding and swing doors, locker locks, thermal seals, anti-bacterial surfaces & hardware, sensor-based sanitising stations provide solutions that are deemed essential in hospitals and pharmacies.

Commercial - Corporate & Service Offices


Commercial spaces and working environments need hardware that can offer safety, hygiene and aesthetic functionality. Häfele’s movable wall systems, automatic sliding door solutions, fire/exit door hardware, stile door hardware, digital locking solutions and locker locks, ambient and functional lighting range, sensor based sanitising units, and stone/quartz surfaces are some of the products specifically designed for such places.

Government Projects

Huge government projects require a multitude of products belonging to different ranges and having the appropriate certifications and quality standards. Häfele possesses different architectural hardware solutions, fire-rated door hardware, secure access control systems, sensor-based bathroom solutions and anti-bacterial surfaces that come together to provide you with multiple solutions for every project.

 Public Transportation Facilities

Häfele caters to projects for airports, metro and railway stations that provide service to large volumes of people and hence need full-proof and perpetually functional solutions like automatic doors, sturdy architectural door hardware, glass fittings, fire door hardware and touchless door operating hardware.

Residential Projects (Individual Houses and High Rises)

With a range of products spanning multiple categories, Häfele will help you realize your dream home or your visionary apartment complex. Starting from its architectural door hardware range & digital locking solutions to various kitchen fittings & appliances and furniture hardware to lighting and bathroom & touchless sanitary solutions, we cover every aspect of your home.

Hospitality and Serviced Apartments

An ideal hotel or serviced apartment comprises of comfort, safety and ease of functionality. Accurate master keying systems, digital access control systems, architectural door hardware, hygiene-focused bathroom solutions, sensor-based furniture lighting products and small appliances are some focussed products for this area.

Educational Institutions

Learning happens in an environment ideally built to make the people in it feel welcome and secure. To create a conducive learning environment in institutions, multiple products in Häfele’s range such as durable architectural door hardware & movable wall systems, digital locks, furniture fittings, wireless chargers, sensor based sanitising stations etc. fit perfectly into such projects.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Places like banks and financial institutions need top-notch security solutions and hygienic products where frequent direct and indirect human contact is involved. Digital security solutions, contactless door operating hardware, anti-bacterial surfaces, and touchless sanitary solutions from Häfele’s range cater to this area effortlessly.


The Häfele 360° Project Service Team (Specification) caters to clients and influencers with their innumerable services throughout the duration of the project undertaken and even after its completion.

  • Holistic solution provider for projects with products ranging from door hardware to access control to lighting solutions and surfaces
  • Single source consultation and recommendations
  • Support and assistance from design to construction to maintenance
  • Integrated & aesthetic designs through computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • Detailed and competitive specifications based upon industry standards and in compliance with all applicable codes, regulations and laws
  • Incomparable service and expertise in all product categories
  • Hardware scheduling and quotations through a project door scheduling software that provides clients and influencers with all the relevant documentation and pricing of hardware
  • Value engineering and help with budgetary cost preparation
  • Individual product data sheets and specialist advice and training 
  • Technical Support with installations of all products
  • Coordination with architects, interior designers, project management consultants and end clients to ensure continuous assistance throughout the project

Note From GANESH PRABHU (Head – Specifications, Häfele India) :

Häfele houses under its different product categories a plethora of products that together can take care of almost all your interior fittings and décor. Our aim, as the Specifications Team, is to offer you these solutions along with the assisting guidance and support that bridges the gap between visions and design to decision and implementation. We are a one-stop-shop for all your project planning needs with market-competitive product ranges and value-engineered proposals clubbed with outstanding technical service and support.