At Hafele, we believe that innovation is the stepping stone to Business growth. As a result we bring something new and exciting to every facet of our business be it through our products, services or digital solutions. The Hafele Configurator App, one such digital innovation that we launched few years ago, presents an easy-to-use digital interface for finding the right Hafele products as per the given customer requirements.

This app is login based and anyone can register by filling a simple registration form to create their own login details. The app enables you to find out the applicable article number for given details, add articles to the wish list and share the wish list articles through email or WhatsApp as an excel attachment. You can also send the list of selected articles to the Hafele customer care team as an enquiry. The app allows the users to add products to the shopping cart of the Product Selector (Hafele’s product selection and quotation-making tool, provided they have access to the PS) and create a quotation for the selected articles.

NEW!!!! We have now added Hafele’s newly launched in-house range of Flap Fittings – the FREE FAMILY to the configurator.


The individual calculators available in the app are listed below:

1. Door Weight calculator : This calculator helps you to calculate the weight of the door/shutter for different material densities through a few simple clicks.


2. Tall Units: This calculator helps you identify the suitable tall unit as per your requirements. All you need to do is specify the requirements of the cabinet and select your preferred type of product and basket, the system will show you the ideal tall unit product for your kitchen.






3. Free Family:  ​​​​​​​ This calculator helps you find the ideal Free Flap Fitting as per your specific requirements through a few simple clicks. Every search result, through this App, also suggests the list of articles that need to be ordered with the specific Free product along with the mandatory and optional accessories. It includes the below products from the free family range.

  •  Free Flap
  • Free Fold
  • Free Space
  • Free Swing
  • Free Up







1. The Häfele Configurator app recommends the right article numbers as per the specifications entered by the user. There is a simple form in the calculators guiding the user on what information is required to be entered to provide the desired output.
















2.A user can add articles to the Wishlist and download the Wishlist articles in excel format to share it as an attachment. One can also send enquires of selected products from the Wishlist to the Hafele Customer Care team by just one click.













3. In the Free Family calculators, the app suggests the list of articles that needs to be ordered along with Mandatory and Optional add-on accessories. For the optional add-on accessories, users can decide whether to add it to the Wishlist or not by selecting the checkbox for the optional article.                  




















4. The mobile app is freely available for everyone to download and access. The ones who do not have login credentials, can click on the Sign-up option, and create their own login details by filling a simple registration form.
























The Hafele Configurator makes finding the right article numbers easy and efficient! Click on the below links or scan the QR code to download the app

   Android   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hin.bomcal








     iOS  ​​​​​​​    https://apps.apple.com/in/app/hafele-configurator/id1065854774