Ixconnect - Small yet versatile

Turning your ideas into reality: As the inventor of the Minifix connector – the pioneer of modern RTA connectors – we have made decisive contributions to the success of RTA furniture.

We feel that our pioneering role in connector technology means we have certain obligations. So we not only offer a huge range of connectors, we are also constantly creating new solutions to enable quick and easy assembly of your furniture while also giving your living atmosphere that special something – even and especially in large series, such as RTA furniture.

Work with Häfele to find and develop connector concepts for a wide range of cabinet designs

Your advantages

  • More design freedom thanks to a diverse range of production options
  • Customised connector concepts and processes
  • Innovative solutions, including for new, trendy materials, such as lightweight panels
  • Customer-oriented packing and flawless fitting assortment bagging