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Creating a space that you could call home is important in this fast-moving world. Hafele's extensive range of Furniture & Living Solutions provides you with hassle-free solutions for your home. The range is backed by years of research and technical expertise, encompassing only such trends and innovations that are reigning globally. We bring to you, furniture fittings that holistically meet every requirement of your home. The range consists of Transformable Furniture Fittings that optimize available space effectively, accessories and fittings that enhance ergonomics and the storage possibilities within wardrobes, drawer runners and flap fittings that provide efficient storage, furniture connectors, hinges, shelf supports, brackets and locks that augment user convenience and bath and shower fittings that enhance your bathroom aesthetics as well as deliver a pleasant shower experience.

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Matrixbox Premium, Drawer with soft close

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Internal drawer set, Solid Front

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Matrixbox Premium Add On Accessories, Rectangular Gallery

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Matrixbox Premium Add On Accessories, Round Gallery

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Free Fold Mechanism

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Free Fold Cover Cap

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Free Flap Mechanism

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Free Flap 3.15 Cover Cap

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Ball bearing runners, single extension, steel

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Metalla Hinges

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Matrixbox Slim 40 kg

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Free Flap 1.7 Cover Cap

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