Door terminal module, DT 400 FH, Dialock, with thumbturn, Tag-itTM ISO

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    Door terminal module, DT 400 FH, Dialock, with thumbturn, Tag-itTM ISO

    • Backplate interior module

    • Reader module as escutcheon with PC aperture (access control)

    • For interior guest room doors

    • Reader module as escutcheon with PC aperture (access control)

    • Backplate interior module

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    Door terminal module, DT 400 FH, Dialock, with thumbturn, Tag-itTM ISO

    for interior guest room doors, matt

    Art. no. 917.46.500

    Door terminal module, DT 400 FH, Dialock, with thumbturn, Tag-itTM ISO

    For interior guest room doors, satin

    Art. no. 917.46.550
    Product details

    Product type

    Door terminal module

    Area of application

    Guest room interior doors, Doors with fire/smoke protection requirements


    72 mm

    Area of application

    for doors with requirements on fire resistance and smoke control

    Transponder technology



    battery-operated, intelligent door terminal, contactless activation using Dialock key - Indication of unlocking and locking with white/red LEDs - Door backplate interior module with rotary knob with which "Do not disturb" can be indicated on the reader module with a flashing signal - Door backplate interior module with battery compartment - The door can be opened from the inside without a key at any time - electronic and mechanical emergency opening is possible - for service personnel: Indication of programming status and when battery change is required - with real-time clock and logging of all procedures, including electronic and mechanical emergency openings - MDU for programming


    Escutcheon foil for reader module with PZ or as blind cover

    Installation reference

    Please note the following dimensions during installation as a functional unit:
    - A external length, relevant for profile cylinder selection
    - B internal length, relevant for profile cylinder selection, must not be longer than dimension B1
    - C external door thickness, relevant for selection of spindle, spacer plate
    - D internal door thickness, relevant for spindle selection
    - E total door thickness, relevant for mounting screw selection


    Backplate interior module: Stainless steel
    Reader module: Plastic

    Order reference

    The following must also be ordered for a fully operational unit:
    Ⓑ 1 mortice lock for DT 400
    Ⓒ 2 lever handle aperture parts
    Ⓓ 1 single cylinder for mechanical emergency opening
    Ⓔ 1 escutcheon foil
    Ⓔ 1 spindle
    Ⓕ 1 set of mounting screws for reader module and interior module
    Ⓕ 4 batteries

    Supplied with

    1 R2 reader module as reader unit with escutcheon
    1 R2 internal module

    Additional information attributes

    Notes on operation and installation
    Planning by Dialock specialist is required.
    DT 400 FH door terminal modules must be installed by Dialock specialists after approval by the door manufacturer. If the terminal is installed without this approval, the Fire and Smoke Control Certificate for the fire resistant or smoke control door will be invalidated.
    Only to be used in combination with DIN mortice lock for DT 400. The comfort function is determined with the mortice lock.
    Spacer plateA spacer plate must be used if the distance between top edge of face veneer and lock case is less than 8 mm.
    Mechanical emergency openingDT 400 FH door terminal modules must always be equipped with a single profile cylinder for mechanical emergency opening. When using the mechanical emergency opening, please note the information sheet for determining the length of the single profile cylinder (operating instructions can be found in our online shop “”).
    Outdoor versionOnly the reader module is suitable for outdoor use. Please note the installation specifications for this version.
    The outdoor version must be approved by Häfele for the respective installation site. Installation sites with special conditions, e.g. saline environment, are not possible. Please contact your responsible Häfele employee when ordering the product.
    Battery change:The type-specific discharge behaviour (considerable voltage drop at the end of the life time) of lithium batteries may cause that a low battery is indicated at the terminal only for a short period or not at all. We recommend changing the batteries before the winter months with the outdoor version.

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