Lighting Solutions

The planning of light in furniture and furnishings puts a multitude of demands on architects, electricians, contractors and finishers, and even developers and operators. The practical, aesthetic and emotional aspects of lighting ensure that the proposed concepts contribute to unique and flexible room design; in residential, commercial, office and display settings as well as in hotels and retirement homes. We at Häfele put this important element of light planning at the centre of a comprehensive collection of ideas; it comes as no surprise, therefore, that we are the pioneers of ‘furniture lighting’ with the widest range of lighting solutions for furniture, furnishing as well as ambient applications.


Häfele’s Loox Range of Light and Lighting solutions is designed and engineered keeping three principal propositions in mind: Flexibility, Easiness and Reliability. Every light from our range provides you with utmost flexibility in application; is easy to install; and comes with the trademark reliability and assurance of ‘German Quality’. Moreover, Loox lighting fittings and fixtures have been engineered keeping ‘modularity’ at the forefront of all designing – this gives you the flexibility to plan your lighting requirements within your homes or interior spaces with optimum ease.

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