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The modern family kitchen: enjoyment for young and old chefs

The family enjoyment starts when they are cooking together. However, the bubble of anticipation soon bursts in kitchens which are not designed for different needs. Important utensils are not within reach, work surfaces are too high or too low, and chaos reigns on the hob and in the sink.

The hardware specialists from Häfele have now taken the measurements and designed a kitchen for the entire family. When doing this, the company put special emphasis on products that help the different chefs and assistants.

When doing this, they put special emphasis on having a practical kitchen island.

The kitchen island is the main focus of the family kitchen. The trick: both the hob and the extractor hood can be operated from two sides. The integrated drawer can be pulled out from both sides. At one metre wide, it provides plenty of room for the wooden spoons, ladles etc. Besides, with this kitchen island the size of the chefs is unimportant: a push of a button individually adjusts the height.

The kitchen island is the main focus of the family kitchen.

The kitchen island is the main focus of the family kitchen.

The cabinet contents are easy to reach at all times

Whereas the person has to go to the contents in many kitchens, in this kitchen it is the other way round. Here the cabinet contents are simply moved to the right position. In this way, for example, the microwave emerges from the wall unit. Without opening the door, the device can be simply pulled downwards and the food is at eye level. If you now open the cabinet door, you can see a small safe. As soon as the microwave is lifted up again the safe moves and disappears behind the panel of the spice rack above it. Your valuable therefore have double protection from long fingers, because a safe would not be expected to be in this location.

This is where the content comes to the person.

This is where the content comes to the person.

Larder unit pull-out produces cabinets which are both high and deep

The larder unit pull-out is another flexible solution. It is ideal for extremely deep or high cabinets. The entire shelf is pulled out with a handle and can be swivelled to both sides. The wall unit is also equipped with swivelling baskets.

Individual organisation system through to waste

Attention has been also been paid to good organisation in the lower-lying storage compartments. Individually coordinated organisation systems hold pots, pans and crockery, for example. Nothing is left to chance, even with the waste: the waste bin, which is divided into four sections, allows compact collection and separation into different types of waste to take place in a central location. Cleaning agents, sponges and other cleaning utensils can be stored on the cover. With so much convenience, the joint efforts of the family chefs can start without any obstructions or detours.

Everything has its place.

Everything has its place.