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Tidy reception succeeds every time with this wardrobe

As we all know, the first impression counts. For this reason, the wardrobe in the entrance area should be functional and friendly. But where can we put all of the bits and pieces that look for an abode when we arrive and have to accompany us next time we leave?

The tinkerers at Häfele knew the answer immediately: a conventional cabinet can’t hack it in places where there is a lot of movement such as the entrance area. For this reason they developed a solution that impresses residents, long-term guests and surprise visitors alike. The wardrobe cabinet, shoe cupboard and flexible hanging bar form an unbeatable trio.

Every reception will be a success with this wardrobe.

Every reception will be a success with this wardrobe.

Best overview in deep cabinets

The cabinet elements is divided into two sections which can be pulled out independently. Coats and jackets are hung up in one side of the cabinet in an orderly manner. The other element is equipped with storage compartments, in which all accessories can be organised in the best possible way. Thanks to its precise and articulated runner, this larder unit can be completed withdrawn and swivelled to the side. Items of clothing which are right at the back therefore become easily reachable. And if the extension is pushed too hard during the rush to get out, it is automatically braked in order to close gently and quietly.  

Dry, well-organised shoe storage

This ensemble is also a pleasure for people with a comprehensive collection of shoes. About 100 pairs of shoes can be stored in a well-organised and convenient way in the deep drawers. The shoes are put onto gratings so that damp soles dry out evenly. The ventilation grilles provide a good climate in the cupboard. By the way, the smooth-running drawers don’t have handles. Tapping them suffices to open them.

The wardrobe solution is completed by a hanging bar. A press of the finger brings forth the hooks, which are concealed behind the mirrored panel. They are used to accommodate bags and scarves. Once their work is done, they can be pushed back into the bar.

Attention is drawn to the wardrobe trio by wall lights. Their atmospheric light underlines the elegant appearance of the ensemble and gives everyone a friendly reception. 

Perfect storage for shoes.

Perfect storage for shoes.