Furniture Wood and Glass Sliding Doors


Sliding doors in case of furniture are most commonly used in wardrobes where the doors slide-out horizontally enabling complete accessibility for the user to the contents of the wardrobe. Sliding Systems can also be used for other furniture cabinets in the living room or kitchen as per the specific need of the customer.

Like in the case of Architectural Sliding Systems, Häfele’s range of sliding systems for furniture also offers you the possibilities of straight, sliding-folding or Synchro applications. Our systems are diverse in the sense that you can choose the most eligible system to meet your specific installation requirement – be it Vor front, In front or Mix front. As a range, we cater to varying weight capacities starting from 15 kgs or more for smaller cabinets and going up to 65 kgs for big wardrobe applications.

Our systems come with the patented Hafele guarantee of continued operational functionality and enhance the inherent aesthetic appeal of sliding applications.