Shower Systems

Elegant Showers by Hafele

Showering today has transformed into a spa experience that relaxes your body, mind and soul; in short, it is an energy boosting experience that compensates for a relaxing massage. Häfele wants to only better the hours you spend in your shower with its exquisite range of Shower Systems. These shower systems are designed keeping two key factors in mind – the flexibility to give you what you want and the functionality of latest technologies prevailing in the market thereby transporting your senses to a place of unrivaled inspiration.

Edelbad Shower Systems:

Häfele’s range of Edelbad shower systems from South Korea is updated with every electronic break-through. These shower systems have an integrated panel-touch feature with multi-functional operations including light and sound control.

The faucets in this range come with a self-generating system to save energy. Made of high grade Stainless Steel and plated with layers of chrome, they automatically put up a tough fight to corrosion or deterioration through excessive use of water. With nozzles that include an integrated self-cleaning technology, these faucets become extremely easy to maintain and clean with no additional efforts from you.

Range: Ceiling showers, Ball joint showers with Shower Arms

Designs: Round, Oval, Square & Rectangular.

Häfele Shower Systems:

Häfele’s range of Shower systems are characterized by clean lines and distinctive aesthetics that enhance your bathroom space by combining innovative engineering and flawless material with unique and breath-taking designs. These shower systems are corrosion resistant, energy efficient and perform with as little as 6 ltr./min. Häfele’s range of shower systems, which includes overhead, rain and hand-showers, incorporate air technology where air and water mix to save up to 35% water while providing a superb invigorating flow.