Bathroom Washbasins

For your bathroom washbasins, Häfele brings to you the versatility from different parts of the globe. Its range includes beauty areas by Webert, Italy that simply inspires magnificence and the attractive, child-friendly Boing washbasins from Spain that cater to the inquisitive eye of your children with its exclusive collection from Spain.


Häfele’s vibrant range of child-friendly washbasins, vanity units and accessories by Boing can create a haven for your children that they can rightfully call theirs. With this, you need not worry about the adversities of sharp edges and hard materials harming your child. Boing range of washbasins by Häfele is made of polyurethane that is eco-friendly, child-safe, flexible, soft and light and is resistant to easy breakage or damage. Due to the non-porous polyurethane surface the Boing basins repel dust and do not absorb humidity, avoiding the proliferation of mold and mildew. The surfaces are highly resistant to harsh weather, UV rays, water vapour, dry heat, water temperatures of up to 70°C and the possible neglect of a burning cigarette.

Häfele’s range of Boing washbasins are delicately designed for easy assembly and are available in five colour options – White, Red, Orange, Pink and Blue.

Webert Beauty Areas

Häfele brings to you its pioneering range of ‘Beauty Areas’ from Webert, Italy that have specially been created to give you a blend of practicality with comfort and beauty. This foundation is backed with a quest of bringing in new designs from leading International trends. Deviating from the norm, our Beauty Area wash basins are made of MineralMarmo – a highly durable material comprising of precious mineral charges and polyester resin. This unique material bestows inherent warmth to the washbasin surface in contrast to the cold harshness of ceramic. The Webert Beauty Areas by Häfele are innovative products that give you the possibility to detach the basin from its base without any tools, leaving the wide top free to allow for easy cleaning without missing a spot.

  • GRETA: The GRETA Beauty Area advocates pure lines and an unwavering form. It creates a place dedicated to beauty thanks to its harmonious shapes and purity of design that gives you the ease to carry out your day-to-day grooming and cleaning activities.
  • ANGELICA: The sinuous curves and the precision in the contours make ANGELICA a collection naturally unique. Simple and functional at the same time, it is sensitive to accommodate your daily grooming activities with a distinctive style. Its organic shape adds a sense of fluidity to your dynamic bathroom environment.