Add the much needed zing and drama to your furniture and a spot of light to your dark corners with Häfele’s range of Loox Shelf Lights. The Hafele’s decorative shelf lights create a floating effect for your precious artefacts; add brightness to dark corners and a dimension of style and aesthetics to match the individualist grace of your homes. These effortless yet uniquely crafted designs speak utmost of the change they can bring to the entire ambience. The different products in this range – Deco Shelf Light, Corner Shelf Light and Box Design – each work their own magic in your home with their distinct design and ease of operation. The Loox Shelf Lights by Häfele are available in accentuating cool white and soothing natural white colour temperatures.


The Loox LED Drawer Lights by Häfele ease your job of searching through your drawer and cabinet contents by providing a dedicated light for each storage space. The inbuilt sensor installed inside the drawer/cabinet gets activated by the movement of door, automatically switching on and off as you open and close the drawer/shutter. The LED Drawer Light provides you flexibility to install in two different ways: Side Installation for drawers (in case of space restriction) and top installation for both drawers and cabinets.