Häfele Connect is the name of the key to smart, networked furniture and rooms. Häfele’s internationally successful Loox LED lighting system for light and sound in furniture is the starting point to this where an innovative, intelligent and wireless system connects and operates the lighting of your entire interior space and links it to a smart device - a seamless end-solution that can be easily managed and operated. With Häfele Connect you can now create the perfect atmosphere for many moods and settings in any room of your home or office without moving anything more than a finger on your smart screen.


The Häfele Connect app connects itself to the Connect BLE boxes (Bluetooth low energy technology – the power conserving variant of Bluetooth designed for use by Internet-connected machines and appliances) via Bluetooth and makes it possible to intuitively control Loox Furniture Lighting and electrically operated fittings.


With the Häfele Connect App and Connect BLE boxes in place, users are provided with a comprehensive range of control options, including control of the light colour with RGB lights or adjustment of the colour temperature with multi white lights. Different lights can be grouped together, allowing many scenarios to be stored and time-controlled or called up with a simple finger press. Thanks to the easy ‘Plug and Play’, this system can also be added to existing installations without changing anything.

Installation video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiYdGbH0X6s