The primary element of any LED Lighting system is the Driver. Hafele’s Loox Range comprises of smart, sleek and modular Drivers available for different light configuration systems i.e. 12V, 24V and 350mA. Each of these is colour coded for easy understanding and require mere plug and play to install and operate. The Loox Range of LED Drivers comes with different wattages to select from and can hence be used to render a multitude of light and lighting systems within your interior space – all you need is a little planning and a slight perspective to make this happen. The international certification listed on the driver emphasizes that these products stand for top quality, bringing in true German innovation.


Along with the Drivers comes an integrated set of control systems that flexibly allow seamless integration of one lighting system to another – a limitation otherwise often faced with LEDs in the market. Following the same colour codes as the drivers, these control systems can be easily matched to the corresponding driver system and create a magnitude of possibilities within your interior spaces – easy plug and play and maximum flexibility!