Häfele brings to you its range of charging stations under the Loox range to cater to your individual style and preferences. For the tech-savvy individual who hates tangled cords, we have inductive charging stations and for the avid user who wants multiple ports without the clutter associated with it, we have USB charging stations. These easy-to-install products complete your space by providing you with aesthetically appealing charging sockets for your furniture. The charging stations are powered by Loox drivers adding another element of flexibility to the Loox system.


The Loox Inductive Charger works on the principle of wireless charging where you just have to place your mobile device on the charging station and it will start charging automatically as quickly and efficiently as it would with a conventional charger. It can be recessed in-line with your furniture or can be simply placed on it. The distinct anti-skid surface of the charger lowers the chances of your device slipping and falling.

The USB charging station by Häfele is intended for direct installation in the furniture. It is an advanced version of the traditional charger and can charge up to two or more tablets or smartphones simultaneously and therefore provides additional functionality in the living area and electronic and convenience stores.


The Hafele’s Pop-up Sockets appeal to the multi-tasker in you. These systems are a combination of functionality, efficiency and entertainment. These systems are great for adding power plugs to a conference room, a kitchen worktop space or your home without compromising the look. Offering a sophisticated feel, these Pop-up Socket Systems can simply disappear when not in use. The Pop-up Socket Systems from our range can be efficiently used to charge your appliances, mobiles or laptops with the in-built plugs and USB ports. They can also function as a wireless music system if you wish to opt for the Pop-up Socket model which comes equipped with an in-built Bluetooth Audio Speaker System. Häfele also has an Edge Pop-up Socket that can be just placed on your countertop or table and accessed directly.