The only thing you will inhale from your kitchen is the fragrance of appetizing food…

It’s time to get used to a kitchen that always remains free from the odours of pungent cooking residues and grime. With our exquisite range of cooker hoods from Falmec Italy, you can now experience perfect air ventilation with your kitchen.

Falmec hoods represent the absolute highest levels of functionality, yield, and duration over time. A guarantee that air in the room is clean and always purified of odours and vapours to perfection. In addition to this these hoods represent a stylish design that complements the kitchen area in a way that is in tune with the latest contemporary trends.


  • Material: Made of AISI 304 steel, a high quality material, the only one that is truly stainless, thanks to the nickel that is part of its alloy.
  • Motor: Besides the efficiency of its motors, special attention is given to noise reduction.
  • Filters: Stainless steel filters with 5 aluminium layers for a higher level of efficiency over time. It is possible to wash them in the dishwasher.
  • Special Feature: The 24h function gives you the possibility to refresh the air inside the kitchen for a better quality of the indoor spaces.