“When it’s about all things food – the experience of cooking counts as much…!”

Divulge in the experience of superior cooking solutions brought to you from Italy. Our series of cooking appliances from Bertazzoni are precision engineered to the highest specifications for exceptional reliability and durability. With imaginative details and good looks for which Italians are renowned, a ‘Bertazzoni’ inspires all the delights of good living at home.  With this sophisticated range, we cater to every imaginable cooking style – be it the experimental style of baking, grilling and deep-frying  for those special occasions or the routine style of sautéing, stir-frying and broiling for day-to-day meals. Cooking can no longer be a mundane chore; we now transform it into a recreational experience!

Enjoy the benefits of smart, feature-packed cooking appliances that make your life simple!

The La Germania FUTURA series of cooker ranges and built-in ovens are an extension of the Italian Bertazzoni cooking range that come with a strong value-for-money proposition. They are backed with the same expertise and technology that Bertazzoni appliances hold and offer modern and advanced applications in cooking. They have been adapted to include the latest trends in the market and yet individualized to suit your specific style of cooking. This range includes holistic cooking solutions provided to you through their smart and efficient cooker range units, gas hobs and built-in ovens.

Experimental cooking is always fun…we redefine this for you making every occasion a finger-licking experience…!

Our comprehensive Domino range from ASKO Sweden includes a Gas Wok Hob, Induction Wok Hob, Deep Fryer and a Teppanyaki. Guaranteeing a promise in customization, our range allows you to select any or more Domino units or combine the efficiency of all four – the choice is always yours!

With an ASKO in the kitchen you’ll have perfect control and distribution of heat - the most important factor for successful cooking. ASKO gas hobs have a special wok burner with a highly concentrated flame and stable support for the wok pan, and the ASKO induction hob comes with IRIS technology that is easy to use and precise to control.