Loox strip lights in combination with our aluminium profiles, different diffusers and installation types provides great flexibility of generate an extremely homogeneous and continuous lighting effect. The lights are engineered with precision ensuring durability, flexibility and ease.

Multiwhite Strip Light from Loox offers colour temperature changing option from 2700K to 5000K

RGB Strip Lights from Loox offers options of changing colours in the spectrum of RGB colour range

The Loox Strip lights are:

  • Multi-layer for transporting high currents with little heat development
  • Flexible copper alloy for avoiding broken conductor tracks
  • Gold-plated connections for a permanently reliable, corrosion-free contact
  • White top coat with UV coating to prevent corrosion and yellowing, for permanent aesthetics
  • Reflective white top coat – for better light yield
  • The rear 3Mc adhesive tape provides secure adhesion to practically any surface
  • Strips can be individually shortened, extended and are also flexible due to clip and corner connectors

The smart and full proof connectors accessorised with the strip lights makes it the most preferred furniture lighting for your furniture. The areas of application are manifold due to a range of accessories like strip to strip connectors, corner and clip connectors.