Lift Systems

Unique Lift Systems by Hafele

Häfele has established itself as a pioneer in introducing futuristic technologies and systems that ensure convenience, ergonomics and easy accessibility. Häfele’s range of lift systems primarily consists of Blum AVENTOS Lift Systems (with the option of installing handle-less lids) and Duo / Duo forte Flap Fittings.

Blum AVENTOS Lift Systems – The trend of using handles to operate the traditional overhead cabinets with doors is now internationally a passé. Handle-less furniture has now become an established element of modern furniture design. Häfele brings to you a range of Blum AVENTOS lift systems that allow you the possibility of installing lids with or without handles. These lift systems open upwards away from your line of work thereby providing hinder-free movement within the kitchen along with excellent access to the cabinet interiors. The AVENTOS lift systems can be installed together with SERVO-DRIVE (the electrical motion support system) or TIP-ON (the mechanical opening support system) to achieve that much-desired handle-less application.

Duo/ Duo forte Lid Stays and Gas Springs – Besides the Blum AVENTOS Handle-less Stay Lifts, Häfele also offers you a range of manual lift up systems consisting of the Duo/Duo forte and the gas springs. These lift up systems are suitable for both left and right hand use and can be mounted on wooden door flaps and for door flaps with aluminium frame.