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The clever guest bed: the dream for visitors and hosts

Anyone who does not have a separate guest room occasionally has the same dream when an overnight visit is announced. A guest area that appears from nowhere and disappears again after it has done its job.

Guest bed swivels out of the cabinet

As we know, the Häfele developers don’t leave it at dreams. Instead, they have developed a clever solution with which the guest and the host will be only too pleased to make an acquaintance with. The built-in furniture conceals a fully-fledged bed for the night. A few manual operations transform the room that was devoted to working or living a short time ago into a cosy apartment. When it folded open, the cabinet wall reveals a cosy bed. When it is closed there is nothing in the way of everyday life.

Bed folded up and the visit can take place.

Bed folded up and the visit can take place.

Plenty of space for travel clothing

There is also plenty of room for your travel clothing in this clever storage space, whose folding/sliding door can be conveniently opened, even in tight spaces. As soon as the proximity sensor signals the opening of the cabinet door, an illuminated wardrobe rail provides a better overview of the spacious interior. If required, the Dialock electronic key locks the different cabinet areas so that the private spheres of the guest and the host are always kept apart.

You can enjoy reading in bed under energy-saving LED reading lights, which can be flexibly adapted to any reading position. And just so that the guest does not lose his orientation in someone else’s house, light strips in the plinth of the cabinet illuminate a safe passage through the darkness.

Order is restored in a jiffy

When the time comes to leave after a restful night, things remain relaxed for the resident: the guest bed disappears into the cabinet again just as easily as the guest room emerged, and the daily routine returns to its usual order.

The usual order is restored in a jiffy.

The usual order is restored in a jiffy.