Washing & Cleaning

We understand the importance of your clothes, patterns and textures and we know how best to care for them.

Our exclusive range of washers and dryers from ASKO eliminate the challenges of day-to-day washing needs and also exercise a sensitive approach to cleaning.

ASKO washers operate quietly without interrupting your peace and solitude. They are sturdier and quieter than conventional washers and operate for a longer service life. Characterized by its sustained high spin speed and Active Drum technology which dexterously pushes the gentler clothes to the centre for a gentle wash and the heavier clothes to the sides, ASKO’s range of washers ensures the best washing experience.

ASKO’s smart and efficient dryers ensure smooth, quick and safe drying of your clothes while you attend to your daily chores. ASKO’s innovative butterfly drying system ensures gentle crease-free drying of laundry. The trademarked SensiDry technology helps increase efficiency and saves energy and time. Stability and a long service life are guaranteed by the use of stainless steel drums and a brushless induction motor.

Leave behind the hassles of endless dish-washing…our smart and efficient dishwashers will do it for you!

To ease-out your cleaning and washing needs in the kitchen, we introduce our range of fully-integrated dishwashers from ASKO, Sweden.

Longevity is guaranteed in our range of dishwashers by ASKO’s trademarked 8Steel process where the 8 most essential parts of the dishwasher are made of steel. Efficiency is a given, owing to the 8Spray technology which enables water to reach the corner most areas. The patented SCS technology (super cleaning system) certifies for an A grade overall washing performance.