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Furniture Fittings

Furniture Fittings

Providing individual solutions to any hardware problem

With more than 40,000 furniture fittings from a single source, we provide a comprehensive and top quality product range for the wood processing trade, specialist dealers and industry.

Maxi Lift - Electronic Plasma Lift System

Maxi Lift - Electronic Plasma Lift System

The quiet, stable, remote controlled lifts are especially designed for Plasmas and LCD Flat screens. Each lift comes with a radio-wave remote control - it can be used from anywhere within the room unlike infrared that would require pointing to a visible receiver....



Plinth Systems

Plinth Systems are mainly used in the bottom part of the kitchen cabinet to evade dust and water from settling below the cabinet, providing a seamlessly integrated aesthetic.

The back of the plinths are coated with a PVC sheet, avoiding dust and moisture from penetrating into the cabinet or settling below the cabinet.

Installation is easy and simple. It just has to be clipped on the cabinet legs.  

Plinths add a feeling of stability to the room and it is also an economical way to change the look of the kitchen without spending much time and effort.

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SLYDE 50 /W (wood): Sliding Solution

SLYDE 50 (W) from Häfele is a straight run, sliding door system for inset application of wardrobe shutters, office – filing / storage unit shutters in wood. Can also be used for aluminium frame (special) profiles, using frosted glass.
Load bearing capacity: 50 kg per shutter

Door thickness: 16 mm – 32 mm wooden panels

Features: Roller component is a bottom running system with a ball bearing, with closed cage, for dust free, smooth effortless movement. The predrilled holes are oblong in shape to provide for adjustability and alignment of panels.

The top and bottom (common) tracks are extruded anodized aluminium profiles for smooth movement of the roller. Very easy to install and ensures running stability for bottom running sliding doors.


SLY.50.301 - Fitting Set SLY50 Kit with Extruded Alu Track for 3 Doors

SLY.50.201 - Fitting Set SLY50 Kit with Extruded Alu Track for 2 Doors - Type A (Track 2 PCs = 3000 MM Each)

SLY.50.202 - Fitting Set SLY50 Kit with Extruded Alu Track for 2 Doors - Type B (Track 3 PCs = 3000 MM Each)

Wall Mounted Ironing Board

The wall mounted ironing board from Häfele is easy to install and comes as a completely assembled ready to install unit. When not is use, it can be neatly folded and covered to prevent dust from settling on it.

  • The wall mounted ironing board can be turned to the left or to the right upto 90 degree.
  • It can be locked in the left, right or inclined position.
  • Optional cover available for wall mounted ironing board.

Article no: 568.66.700

Drawer Mounted Ironing Board

Häfele’s drawer mounted ironing boards are an excellent space saving solution for the bedroom, kitchen, laundry, wardrobe etc. The ironing board is built into the drawer and can be accessed easily by simple pulling the drawer open and unfolding the board.
  • Infinitely variables width adjustable for built-in widths between 362mm and 500mm
  • Inside cupboard depth required to install the built-in ironing board is 500mm.
  • The drawer mounted ironing board is built-in with automatically extended support for the ironing surface when the drawer is opened.

Article no. 568.60.710

Silent VF 40

Silent VF 40 is a straight run sliding door system for overlay application of wardrobe shutters, office – filing or storage unit shutters.
Load Bearing Capacity: 40 Kg per shutter.

Door Thickness: 19mm – 28mm.

Features: Silent VF 40 is a top hung extremely sturdy roller system with a heavy duty bottom guide component for smooth effortless movement.

Roller component provides three dimensional adjustments. The top track and bottom guide profiles are made of extruded anodized aluminium. It is very easy to install and ensures running stability for sliding doors.

Price on request for number of doors configurations.

More than hardware

The comprehensive product ranges are upgraded by a range of unique services:
  • Expert advice,
  • Rapid delivery times due to delivery from stock,
  • Compehensive documentation,
  • Technical information such as  CAD Data, assembly instructions and tender texts,
  • Electronical Häfele services.

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